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Here Are The Lessons Inside My FREE 20 Part Training Course:

Why People Fail

Discover The Main Reasons Why New Investors Fail at Real Estate Investing

Choosing Your Business Name

A good business name leads to a Good Business. I teach you how you can come up with the best business name for you business.

How To Start Your Business

I Discuss All of the Important Resources You Will Need to Start Your Investment Business

Setting Goals

Learn Why Not Setting Goals for Your Business Can Cause You To Fail!

My First Property

I Share With You The First Ever Deal I Closed On at the Age of 18!


Conducting A Market Analysis

Getting Ready to Start Buying in a New Market? Here Is a Few Things You Should Look For When Conducting a Market Analysis.


Start Building Your List From Scratch

Need to Jump Start Your Marketing? I Teach You How to Start Building Your List From Absolute Scratch!

Setting Up a Consistent Marketing Plan

It’s All About Marketing! I Own which is the largest Direct Mail Marketing Company for Investors. I Share With You My Secrets to Creating a Consistent Marketing Plan.

Successfully Market In Your Area

Ready to Start SUCCESSFULLY Marketing in Your Local Area? I am Here to Show You How to Start Generating More Leads in Your Area.


What to Look for In a New Market

Starting to Invest in a New Market? I Go Over Everything You Should Look for When Entering into a New Real Estate Market.

Locate Motivated Sellers in a Strong Market

The Key to a Successful Real Estate Investing Business is Finding Motivated Sellers. I am Going to Show You How to Find Motivated Sellers in a Strong Market.

Best Form of Sweat Marketing

Have a Small Marketing Budget or No Budget At All? Let Me Share With You How to Properly Do Sweat Marketing So You Can Start Buying Properties!

How to Properly Value a Home

Valuing a Home Can Be Very Frustrating. I Want To Share With You How I Properly Value A Property.


Is Wholesaling Ethical

Unsure of whether or not wholesaling is ethical? Let me share with you my view on wholesaling.

Buying a House Subject-To

Learn how to buy properties using this term offer strategy. Get ready to dive into Subject-To investing!


Wholetailing vs Flipping

Ready to learn how I earned my riches using a strategy that I created. In this lesson I share with you the difference between Wholetailing and Flipping.

Should You Buy at Auctions

Let’s discuss whether or not you should invest your money into properties at auctions.

How Much Money Do I Need to Start Investing?

Ready to start investing, but don’t know how much cash you’ll need to get started? I break it down for you in this lesson so you are prepared when you get started.

Determining Maximum Offer

We Need to Make Sure that We Set Ourselves Up for Success. Let Me Teach You How You Can Determine Your Maximum Offer For Each and Every Deal You Create.

Attracting Property Buyers

Need to Sell Your Investment Properties? Discover How I Actually Attract Buyers for My Investment Properties.

1 – On – 1 Business Success Call

In addition to my FREE course. I want to give you a 1 -On – 1 Business Success Call with one of my Coaches that teach my Highly Rated Coaching Program. Yes, you read that correctly! I want you to receive everything you might need to get your Business up and running.  You will get a NO B.S. 30-minute coaching session with one of my coaches, and they will help you figure out exactly what you need to start succeeding in Real Estate Investing!

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Market Analysis

Download my Market Analysis sheet and discover exactly which areas you should send your direct mail marketing to!

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Door Knocking Chart

Download my Door Knocking Chart and make sure you are on the right path of pricing homes!

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